Students’ perspectives and assistance are most valuable to the Tow Youth Justice Institute (TYJI), because of the incredible insight that University of New Haven students have on youth justice and child welfare. Our student interns are exposed to a myriad of different topics relating to youth justice because of the extensive work they do at the TYJI.


We are grateful for all of the work of our interns over the years!


Kadeem McKoy

B.S. Criminal Justice
May, 2021

Shane Lawler

M.A. Community Psychology
May 2021

Isabelle J Hajek

B.A.  in Forensic Psychology
Spring 2022

Ashley Price

B.S. Criminal Justice, May 2022

Amanda Pappas

B.S. Criminal Justice and Legal Studies
May 2021

Hellen Vasquez

B.S. CJ Investigative Services
May 2021

Brikitta Hairston

M.S. Criminal Justice
May 2022

Paul Klee

Criminal Justice Ph.D.

Olivia Bissanti

B.S. Double Major in Political Science and Psychology
May 2021

Alison Oliver

M.S. in Criminal Justice
December 2020

Jasmia Molina

B.S. CJ Investigative Services
May 2021

Siannah Martius

M.S. Criminal Justice
Summer 2021

Samantha Moul

Doctoral candidate, Criminal Justice

Stacey Clay

M.S. Community Psychology – Concentration in Forensics
May 2021

Kerri Kingsley

B.S. Major/Minor Psychology Concentration in Forensics
December 2020

Killian Gruber

B.S. Political Science
May 2022

Martina Ibrahim

B.S. CJ Investigative Services
B.S. National Security: International Security and Justice
May 2021

Kevise Canales

B.A. Psychology, Forensic Psychology Minor Criminal Justice
May 2022

Cameron Basora

B.S. Psychology, Forensic Concentration
May 2021

Nasia Norris

B.S. Psychology Concentration in Forensics
May 2021

Sarah J. Giarrusso

Ph.D. Candidate

Sara R. Jefferies

Ph.D. Candidate

Lanmeng Ma

M.S., Criminal Justice, May 2011. Current, Doctoral Candidate of Philosophy, Criminal Justice

Melissa Pierre

May 2018 – M.S., Criminal Justice

Yasmin Ramadan

M.S., Criminal Justice, May 2020

Victoria Cone

May 2018 – B.S., Criminal Justice, Minor in Psychology – Cum Laude

Alex Scranton

B.S., Criminal Justice, Cum Laude, May 2018, M.S., Criminal Justice, May 2020

Megan McClintock

B.S., Criminal Justice, May 2020, M.S., Emergency Management/Fire Science

Dayquan Garrett

M.A. Community Psychology, May 2020

Bridget McEvilly

B.S., Criminal Justice, Cum Laude, May 2020

Rami El Gharib

M.A., Industrial/Organizational Psychology, May 2020

Richard Concepcion

M.A., Community Psychology, May 2022
B.S., Criminal Justice, Magna Cum Laude, May 2020

Catherine Parafati

B.S., Criminal Justice, Minor, Sociology

Brooke Barbeau

B.S., Criminal Justice, Minor, Legal Studies

Rebecca Satzberg

B.A., Music & Sound Recording, Summa Cum Laude, May 2020

Asia Hutchins

Class of

Kelly Tea Orts

B.S., Criminal Justice, January 2015

Francis G. Olive, III, Ph.D.


Chloe Sharon Williams

B.S., Criminal Justice, Summa Cum Laude awarded May 2015

Gabriela Brito

M.S., Criminal Justice, May 2018