Our Issue Briefs are deep dives into specific content areas relating to youth justice. Topics such as child trauma, dual status youth, and status offenses are meant to provide, in layman’s terms, a better understanding of why addressing the issue is important to reforming the juvenile justice system.


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2023 Recommendations of the Juvenile Justice Policy and Oversight Committee

State of JJ System

988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline

TYJI Applauds Dalio Report on Connecticut’s Unspoken Crisis


Is Commissary Big Business?
The Importance of Summer Youth Employment
To be or NOT to be? SRO’s in schools
The Far Reaching Impact of Sexual Violence
REGIONS: A stronger path for youth rehabilitation
Chemical Agents use in Juvenile Facilities
What are Credible Messengers?
Empowering Youth to Stay in School: Strategies for Engagement and Partnership
The Role of an Ombudsperson
Why Successful Reentry Is Important for Our Youth


JJ Reform and the Importance of the Community Based Diversion System
The Truth About The Juvenile Justice System: Separating Facts from Fiction
How LISTs are Vital to Juvenile Justice
Is Commissary Big Business?


Raise the Minimum Age

21st Century Policing


Implicit Bias

Implicit Bias Issue Brief 11-6-19_Page_1
Status Offenses
Status Offenses Issue Brief 9-3-19_Page_1
Immigration in Connecticut
Immigration in CT Issue Brief 7-18-19.2_Page_1

Immigration Policy

Sex Trafficking

Reauthorization of the JJDPA


Issue Brief Resilience_Page_1
Children of Incarcerated Parents
Children of Incarcerated Parents Issue Brief 10-29-18 Final_Page_1
Dual Status Youth
Dual Status Issue Brief 8-27-18 Final_Page_1
LGBTQ Youth Issue Brief 7-11-18 Final_Page_1
Youth Homelessness
Front page Youth Homelessness Issue Brief 5-31-18 Final
Close to Home
Close to Home Issue Brief 4-9-18
Long term effects of Trauma on a Child_Page_1
School-Based Diversion
School based Diversion Issue Brief_Page_1


Transforming Education
Education System Issue Brief 12-31-17Final
Connecticut’s Juvenile Justice Progress
CT Progress Issue Brief 11-30-17 Final
Youth Voice
Youth Voice Issue Brief 10-31-17_Page_1
Opiod Crisis
Opiod Crisis Issue Brief 7.31.17
Restorative Justice
Restorative Justice 6-12-17
The 4 Rs
The 4Rs 4-10-17 Final ing
Why Raise the Age
Why Raise the Age Final 2-28-17 Final_Page_1