Our Mission

The Tow Youth Justice Institute is a university, state and private partnership established to lead the way for juvenile justice reform through the engagement of policy makers, practitioners, service providers, students, communities, youth and their families. TYJI works to promote the use of effective, data-driven practices, programs and policies related to youth justice, focusing on the needs and wellbeing of youth up to the age of 24.


Our Vision

Our vision is for a state in which youth serving agencies are consistently using best practices to create positive opportunities so that our children, families and communities are safe, healthy and resourceful environments.


Our Values

We believe that:

  • Only through cross-system collaboration and transparency can we achieve true system reform.
  • Critical discourse is imperative to hold systems accountable for change.
  • Authentic engagement and voice is needed from youth, their families and the community to raise awareness of the issues related to reforming the juvenile justice system.
  • Long-term commitment is required from all stakeholders and funders to sustain and grow our vision.
  • Intentional reliance on research is key to defining reform.
  • Youth and families, with appropriate supports and interventions, have the ability to recover and change.