2021 Events

2021 Events





Monday, November 29, 2021 at 6 p.m.

The 4430-01S Exploring Delinquency, the Justice Advisors of Connecticut Justice Alliance, Juvenile Justice Club, and the Tow Youth Justice Institute (TYJI) hosted an opportunity for students to mingle with professionals in the juvenile justice field, participate in up to six networking round tables, and meet people with shared career interests and/or a passion for justice issues. Invited guests covered many areas of interaction with youth in schools, the community, residential placement/incarceration settings, and under other types of supervision.

Fact vs. Fiction Series #3 – Raising Up Our Youth

Wednesday, April 7, 2021

This was the third of a series of webinars focused on the facts surrounding recommendations for legislation by the Juvenile Justice Police and Oversight Committee.  The series followed announcements of the recommendations and a legislative package of fact sheets on various pieces of the recommended legislation.  Raising Up Our Youth focused on raising the minimum age of juvenile jurisdiction, decriminalization of lower offenses and promoting Community Based Diversion and Children’s Behavioral Health as ways to reduce trauma and recidivism.

Representative Anthony Nolan provided opening and closing remarks, and Dr. Lorenzo Boyd, Vice President for Diversity and Inclusion and Chief Diversity Officer, University of New Haven facilitated the panel discussion.  The panelists were:

  • Jaqueline Swagerty, Youth Voice, Center for Children’s Advocacy
  • Brian Casinghino, Senior Assistant State’s Attorney, Hartford Juvenile Matters
  • Tasha Hunt, Deputy Director of Juvenile Probation Services, Judicial Branch Court Support Service Division/Judicial Branch
  • Erica Bromley, Juvenile Justice Liaison for the CT Youth Services Association
  • Melissa Threadgill, Director of Juvenile Justice Initiatives at the Office of the Child Advocate, Massachusetts
  • Melissa Coretz Goemann, Esq., Senior Policy Counsel, National Juvenile Justice Network

You can view the webinar HERE.  In addition, presentations were made by several panelists.  Click on their name to view their presentations.

Tasha Hunt

Erica Bromley

Melissa Threadgill

Melissa Goemann


Fact vs. Fiction Series #2 – Shaping a Service Approach in JJ Facilities

Tuesday, April 6, 2021

The second webinar event of the Fact vs. Fiction Series focused on improving juvenile justice programming, education and services in juvenile justice facilities that will provide youth the best opportunity to be successful and not recidivate.  Dr. Danielle Cooper, Director of Research at the Tow Youth Justice Institute and Associate Professor at the University of New Haven facilitated the panel discussion.  The panelists were:

  • Jessica Feierman, Senior Managing Director, Juvenile Law Center
  • Malik Pickett, Staff Attorney, Juvenile Law Center
  • Catherine Foley-Geib, Deputy Director, Connecticut Judicial Branch Court Support Services Division
  • Warden Trina Sexton, Department of Correction
  • Warden Derrick Molden, Department of Correction
  • District Administrator Eulalia Garcia, Department of Correction
  • Michael Williams, Deputy Commissioner, Department of Children and Families
  • Sarah Eagan, Child Advocate of the State of Connecticut

You can view the webinar HERE.


Fact vs. Fiction Series #1 – Hearing The Truth About Car Thefts in Connecticut

Thursday, March 25, 2021

The first Fact vs. Fiction webinar was focused on the data that tells the true story of youth and car theft activitity, the programs that exist to address it and suggestions of programs that will work with youth. The series followed announcements of the recommendations and a legislative package of fact sheets on various pieces of the recommended legislation.

Senator Gary Winfield provided opening remarks and Michael Lawlor, Associate Professor of Criminal Justice, University of New Haven and Former Judiciary Committee Chairman, Former Under Secretary for Criminal Justice facilitated the panel discussion.  The panelists were:

  • Ken Barone, Project Manager, Institute for Municipal and Regional Policy, Central Connecticut State University
  • Susan I. Hamilton, MSW, JD, Division of Public Defender Services, Director of Delinquency Defense & Child Protection
  • Chief Joshua Bernegger, Watertown Police Department, CT Police Chiefs Association
  • Larell Smith-Bacon, Executive Director, Restorative Response Baltimore
  • Christina Quaranta, Executive Director, Connecticut Justice Alliance

You can view the webinar HERE.